Tales from TGOC 2013: #2 highs and lows

Our 2014 Challengers set off today! Here's another story from last year's long-distance walk #backpackingmonth

Illustration photo of Tales from TGOC 2013: #2 highs and lows


By Lindy Griffiths (Challenger 105)

The worst of the storm had blown over. I was struck by the beauty of the woodland. Small streams were bank-full, crashing down the hillsides. I even saw a newt in a puddle on the path. I climbed steadily, stopping for lunch outside the bothy at Gelder Shiel. The lovely paths that had gone as far as the bothy suddenly stopped, and I was back to some very strenuous peat-bashing for the next mile or so.

The sun came out. It got rather hot. I was climbing. Climbing a lot. Getting very hot. Then I got stung by a bee. It bumped into my ribs and my right side exploded in pain. Panic! I needed my first aid kit! I couldn’t get my pack off because I hurt so much. Then, when I did, I fumbled the cord-locks. I couldn’t get my rucksack to open. Eventually I got the antihistamine and sat down for a while. When I stopped shaking I put everything back together and set off again. I struggled on, seriously overheating in the sun. I felt really terrible. Seeing a snowdrift beside the path I filled up my hat with snow, put it back on and sat down to cool off.

Still lightheaded and very wobbly I pushed on, refilling my hat with snow a couple more times. There was something very soothing about having a gentle trickle of melt-water down my head and neck as I fried under the sun!