Tenerife: No Limits

Tenerife has everything. From hiking to scuba diving, there's something for every adventure seeker

Illustration photo of Tenerife: No Limits

No Limits. The island of Tenerife is an astonishing place. From the picture-perfect beaches, to the 3,718-metre volcano Mount Teide – the highest place in Spain, from the arcing surf above the surface to the 60 dive sites populated by turtles and manta rays, from the long, quiet and winding climbs for the cyclist to the gnarly downhills enjoyed by mountain bikers, Tenerife is an adventure-laden island. And it doesn’t stop there: climbing, free diving, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, caving, trail running… there’s no end to Tenerife’s activities, there’s no limit.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago located off the coast of Morocco. The subtropical climate of Tenerife is why it earned the name Island of Eternal Spring. There’s simply not a bad time to visit the island. Even in winter, there’s very few rainy days and the average temperature of 18–20°C, rising to a temperate 24–26°C in summer. No wonder Chris Froome chooses the island to train here.

With the exception of a ski run, Tenerife pretty much has all the outdoor activities covered, but it’s not all sport. The island has a long cultural history with many traditional celebrations, world-class gastronomy (the seafood is incredible) and wonderful hotels, many overlooking the dramatic coastline.

Tenerife has it all, all year round. We’re pretty convinced you’ll like it.